How a Coach can help you perform better at work

There are times when we struggle to perform a role at work, or have a challenging manager, or difficult team member. This can lead to a lack of motivation, feeling demoralised, poor performance, not feeling “one of the team”.

A coach will dedicate time to listen to you, hear what you are saying, and understand more about what is happening for you. This is your time to talk about what is happening in the work place, what your challenges are, what you would like the outcome to be.

Struggling with vague emails – The 5 Cs tip

I have found that the work place has turned into a place of “Death by Email, Yammer, Teams Chats” (other formats are available). Constant barrage of requests, questions, asks for help. Due to technology, we are expected to be able to respond immediately to everything, at any time, from anywhere.

STOP – this is not sustainable. Take a deep breath. You are not a robot!

I used to work in an environment where I would get short, sharp, demanding emails that wanted a response – well they didn’t say it was always presumed I know they wanted the answer NOW!

Providing feedback to a struggling team member

You’re a manager of a team. One person keeps missing deadlines and the quality of their work is poor. You don’t think you can trust them to perform the role.

Unfortunately, sometimes as managers, we come across this situation. The trick is to understand why the person is not performing as required and identify the relevant actions to be taken. What is important is not to judge a person instead to understanding the whole situation.

I am struggling at work

Throughout my working life in the corporate world, I performed a range of tasks, some of which I did well, and some not so well. This did not mean I failed at my job; it meant I was struggling with that particular task.
All too often we think that, because we did not do a task well, we are not good at our jobs. There are a range of reasons to consider as to why the task did not deliver as expected.