Alison Laughlin

About Me Alison Laughlin

I am a qualified Performance Coach with an ICF accredited coaching diploma, Certified DISC Profiler, and NLP Practitioner.

I have built my Coaching Career on top of 30 years’ experience of working in various organisations and industries. I have experience of working in high demanding, pressured environments, successfully led teams; turned individual’s and teams’ performance around; experienced a range of management styles; experienced corporate and departmental change.

I enjoy working with people to progress their careers and teams to achieve a common goal, incorporating a work / life balance.

When not coaching, I love to go walking, travel, volunteer, dabble in painting, and be with my family and friends.


Alison’s Journey

About Me Alison Laughlin

For a long time, I felt there was something missing from my work/life balance, a feeling of a lack of satisfaction, value, and reward.

I spent 30 years in business working with people, managing and leading teams. I started out as a programmer before moving into team leading, and then Senior Management. Along the way I have been made redundant, changed from being a permanent employee to a contractor, worked for one of the big 5 consultancies and smaller startup companies.

I have been exposed to organisational and department changes, large transformational programmes, many different styles of management.

I have worked with many people and teams

About Me Alison Laughlin

I loved being able to improve their performance to deliver great results, guide them through change, upskill for promotion. I enjoyed meeting diverse cultures and learning about different ways of working.

In October 2021, I decided it was time to step out of my normal work / life routine and achieve my dream: Be a Coach and work with people who are having similar experiences to me, assisting them to move through their own journey to reach their full potential at work, and turn their dreams into realities.

As I travelled along my own journey of change, I looked at my values and beliefs stepping outside my comfort zone, stretching myself at times into the unknown. At times it was scary and unfamiliar but also exciting and exhilarating. One thing that remained constant – I wanted change.

Why Work With Me?

About Me Alison Laughlin

I believe work can be rewarding and enjoyable and that the workplace can be a place of trust and respect, where people’s work / life balance is respected.

As well as my transferable skills and experience from my professional career of 25 years within IT and Business, the changes I have made to both my career and personal life, provides me an understanding of what others are going through.

My coaching style is one of trust, confidentiality, patience, and empathy. I value honesty and commitment. I create a safe place for people to work through their journey; investigate ideas; think openly about what they want.

Most importantly, I believe in the power of the person I am working with. This is about you, what you need and want.


What My Clients Say

I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Alison and they have helped fasttrack me towards achieving my goals. I felt really comfortable straight away and our sessions always helped me breakdown problems that I thought were huge, into more manageable stepping stones.

Alison is a really calm, positive influence on our sessions and I leave them feeling more confident and positive.

– Olivia