Why work with Me?

Work Place Services

What makes me different from other Coaches?

I have built my Coaching Career on top of 30 years’ working in business enabling me to relate to my clients’ situations. I have experience of working in high demanding, pressured environments. I have successfully lead teams; turned individual’s and teams’ performance around; worked with a range of management styles; and lead people through corporate and departmental change.

I have seen and experienced what both success and failure look like for teams and individuals.

My business qualifications include Change Practitioner (APMG), Agile Practitioner, and a Business Relationship Manager which have been upgraded with an ICF accredited Performance Coaching Diploma, Certified DISC Profiler, and NLP Practitioner qualifications.

My company experience includes Capgemini, Merlin Entertainment, Marks and Spencer, British Gas, Southern Water, NHS Digital, Healthcare at Home, BEIS Digital.

Importantly, when I start to work with a person or team in the work place, I understand the situation, what is required, and ensure the programme I produce is relevant to them. I have my own work values and look to understand the values of those I am working with.


What is the benefit of working with me?

Work Place ServicesI believe that the workplace can be a healthy, happy, rewarding place to work. Happier and healthier staff leads to higher staff retention; improved productivity; reduced sick leave; smoother transition to change.

Working with me will:

• Develop people’s performance
• Build High-performing teams
• Improved Leadership Skills
• Reduce conflict
• Improve staff well-being

Areas of Focus:

I focus on the areas below as these are where I have my own experience and coaching skills and experience. They are also the areas I am most passionate about.


Working with leaders to:

  • Build high-performing teams
  • Develop succession plans
  • Lead through change
  • Develop Self-Care
  • Develop skills like – listening, flexibility, conflict management

Improving Peoples Performance and Career Opportunities:

Working with people to:

  • Manage performance
  • Progress their careers
  • Journey through Change
  • Built a work / life balance
  • Improve skills e.g. conflict management, time-management


Working with Teams to:

  • Create a clear goal
  • Understand each other’s skills and strengths
  • Work together to resolve delivery issues / conflict
  • Understand the impact and opportunities of change
  • Identify and celebrate success

Work Place Services

Before starting to work with a coachee, I will have a discussion with the client to understand what the situation is, agree the confidentiality and reporting of progress. I will also meet with the coachee or team and get an understanding of what they are looking for and their expectations the coaching.

It is important that the boundaries are set and clients understand what information will be shared and the coachee and or team can trust me as their coach to remain confidential and understand what the agreed reporting is. Without this there will be no trust or rapport between myself and the coachee, which will have a negative impact on the coaching.


What My Clients Say

I’ve been working towards a very challenging goal that I’ve been trying to achieve for years with no effect, but within the first few sessions, the results were indisputable and I feel like I’m on a path to a lifetime of positive change rather than just a quick fix.

Alison hears things I don’t even know I’m saying, and she has a kind way of pointing out myself chat on how I can’t do it and works with me to find a way I can in a way that’s fun and easy.

Her sessions have been cleverly informative through her having an innate ability to remember what I said before and challenging me on inconsistencies.

I feel I can see things more clearly and understand why I’ve kept stopping myself from moving forward. She’s supported me in finding new strategies on how I can do things differently so as not to be hard on myself.

I can’t thank her enough for helping me get to where I want to be.

– Veena