I am struggling at work

struggling at workThroughout my working life in the corporate world, I performed a range of tasks, some of which I did well, and some not so well. This did not mean I failed at my job; it meant I was struggling with that particular task.

All too often we think that, because we did not do a task well, we are not good at our jobs. There are a range of reasons to consider as to why the task did not deliver as expected.

First of all, ask yourself, was it really not done well? Sometimes we set our own expectations and demands above those of others. It is always good to stretch ourselves. This is how we continue to learn and grow as people. However, when it makes us feel like we have not succeeded, that’s not good. It demoralises us which will impact on our performance.

Let’s look at a task you believe you have not performed well:

  • What makes you say it was not performed well?
  • What skills, knowledge would have helped? Where and how can you gain these?
  • Who could have helped you perform the task successfully?
  • What learnings will you take away from this experience?
  • What will you do differently next time?

If you are struggling talk to your manager or the person who gave you the task. Let them know you are struggling. That way they can give you the help or training you need or ask someone to help you.

It is important to let the person who has requested the work know if you are going to miss the deadline, what you are doing to complete the work as close to the deadline as possible and when they can expect it by.

Talk to your manager about the best way to gain the relevant experience and skills so that next time you will successfully complete the task. Look for course, talk to your peers, see if it is possible to get on-the-job training.

Ask yourself

What are you doing to succeed at work? What skills do you have you can use? When did you do something similar? What did you learn that you can apply to the new task? Who can help you?

Thank you for reading this blog. If this blog resonates with you or someone you know, and you would like more information or to get in touch, please fill in the contact sheet.

Thank you for reading this blog – I am struggling at work. If you would like more information or to get in touch, please fill in the contact form.

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