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vague emailsI have found that the work place has turned into a place of “Death by Email, Yammer, Teams Chats” (other formats are available). Constant barrage of requests, questions, asks for help. Due to technology, we are expected to be able to respond immediately to everything, at any time, from anywhere.

STOP – this is not sustainable. Take a deep breath. You are not a robot!

I used to work in an environment where I would get short, sharp, demanding emails that wanted a response – well they didn’t say it was always presumed I know they wanted the answer NOW!

So, I have devised the 5 Cs to help with those vague, demanding emails that land in your inbox:

  1. Confirm the requirements, the what, by when, and the benefit
  2. Collect the relevant information for the different sources
  3. Clarify the information is correct and provides everything needed
  4. Consolidate the information into the format required
  5. Communicate the results in a timely, well presented, clear manner.

I found this could be used in multiple scenarios. For example, creating a month end project report:

  1. Confirm the format the report is to be in, the information required, the deadline for the report, the recipients of the report, what it is going to be used for. This will provide a guidance for what information is to be collected.
  2. Collect the information from the relevant sources. This can include finance department, suppliers, users, project team
  3. Clarify the information is accurate. Does the financial spend align with the invoices received? Do the number of completed tasks align with the milestone status?
  4. Consolidate the information into a format requested
  5. Communicate by presenting the report; loading it onto a system, emailing it out. Do this on time. If you are going to be late make sure you let the intended recipients know.

Ask yourself

  • How do you handle being overloaded with emails, requests?
  • How will you use the 5Cs?

Thank you for reading this blog. If this blog resonates with you or someone you know, and you would like more information or to get in touch, please fill in the contact sheet.

Thank you for reading this blog – Struggling with vague emails – The 5 Cs tip. If you would like more information or to get in touch, please fill in the contact form.

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