My Key Learnings On Making A Big Change To My Life

My Key Learnings On Making A Big Change To My Life

In a previous blog, I wrote about “wakening up” and taking a large jump and changing my career. It did not happen overnight. IT has been a journey involving my work, private life, family and friends.

For me the steps to changing my career have included:

  • Realising I needed to change my career
  • Working out what it was I wanted to do
  • Looking at my values, both at work and home and identifying what is important to me
  • Understanding what skills and experience I needed to have a new career
  • Performing a gap analysis between what skills and experiences I had an what I needed
  • Creating a journey plan to get there
  • Creating a support group around me who were positive and shared my goal while being the sounding boards for ideas
  • Moving through the journey plan, keeping focused on the end goal.


  • Has it been easy – Not always
  • Have I enjoyed the journey – Most of the times
  • Are my pleased with the change – Absolutely!

What would my top tips be for anyone else changing career?

  • Believe in yourself – the power of positive thought is enormous
  • Start a gratitude diary, filling it in every night so you go to sleep knowing there is goodness in your life
  • Have a support group around you who will inspire, motive and encourage you
  • Celebrate small wins along your journey
  • Work with a Coach who will take you along your journey, motivate you to work through the obstacles and challenges; and celebrate your wins along the way.

Ask yourself

If you were to make a change, what would you need to do, what would your journey plan look like? Are you ready to find out?

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