How I Made A Career Change

How I Made A Career Change

After 30 years doing the same type of work over and over again, I decided to leave a well-paying job as a manager, leading an amazing team, for an organization I wanted to support. Why?

Something was missing. I was struggling to get up in the morning and go to work. It all felt so repetitive. I kept going back into the same type of work, different clients, but same work. I felt as though all I did was work for others. My fitness suffered, as did my family and friends.

So, what kept me on the hamster wheel? It was the familiarity of what I did; the steady income; knowing that what I did, I did really well; being in my comfort zone at work that kept me on the hamster wheel.

The turning point came when the funds ran out and my entire team lost their jobs. I felt helpless.

I left the organisation and mapped out my journey to upskill and transition from being a successful Manager and Leader to a successful Coach. Sometimes it felt as though the journey would never end, the challenges were too great to overcome.

By developing a strong self-belief; having the support of my sister; celebrating the little wins along the way; I kept going because I knew I really wanted to be able to focus my attention on people and their goals.

Thank goodness I did as I now have a career I love. I enjoy getting up in the morning knowing that today I am going to help people achieve their goals and share in their excitement when they realise their Dream. I am also able to have a much better-quality work / life balance.

Ask yourself

Do you enjoy getting up in the morning and going to work? If the answer is “Yes”: Great. If the answer is “No”: What is stopping you making a change so you do enjoy getting up and going to work?

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