Careers Ladder or Zig-Zag

Careers Ladder or Zig-ZagDiscussions about careers start at an early age. One day, out of the blue, a 4-year-old informed me she was going to be a Mummy on a farm. It took me by surprise. She is only 4 and already she has her career mapped out. We all know that this may very well change.

But it got me thinking about my own career and how I got in to it. I went to university because that is what people did. I studied mathematics, geography (both my favourite subjects at school) and computer science because I saw it as the future.

At a careers fair, I was recruited into a large organisation and started my life inside the world of projects. The expectation was to climb the ladder and move from being technical into a managerial role. Training was provided by external training companies.

Today, careers are more zig-zag than a ladder up the wall. People are not expected to staying the one professional career. Often a “sideward” step that may be necessary to get the experience required for a promotion. Training is provided in-house or on-the-job.

Zig-Zagging also provides an opportunity to try different types of work, achieve success in multiple field and industries, have a broader understanding of what is going on in the workplace, be less funnelled in ones thinking.

What is important is that you climb the ladder / travel along the zig-zag path that suits you, that will give you the career you want to achieve.

Ask yourself:

Are you climbing a ladder or walking along a zig-zag path? If you’re climbing a ladder, is it on the correct wall? How will you know when you have reached the top? What will you do when you reach the top? How difficult is it to keep on the top rung?

If you are on a zig-zag path, what is the end point or is it endless? How many bends does it have, are they all defined? What happens at the end of the path?
Thank you for reading this blog. If you would like more information or to get in touch, please fill in the contact sheet.

Thank you for reading this blog – Careers Ladder or Zig-Zag. If you would like more information or to get in touch, please fill in the contact form.

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