How a coach helps a team leader

I have worked with some amazing and some really challenging teams.

What made them amazing? They worked together, listened to each other, helped each other out at difficult times, shared their experiences. A challenging team was when a team member would not work with the others, saw themselves as above their team members, the team did not have all the relevant skills required to complete the workload, or there was no agreed set of team behaviours or a team charter to follow.

Tips for Leading a Team

You are a team leader, looking to have the best team that works together, delivers quality results, believes in themselves as a team, understands / respects / supports each other, are able to get on with their daily activities, is respected by senior management and other teams.
Where do you start to create such a team?

Developing your teams skills set

How well do you understand your teams’ skills and career growth path?
Understanding each other’s skills, experience, achievements contribute to a team being high -performance team. Without this knowledge it is difficult know:

  • If the team is able to perform to the require level
  • Who is best for each task
  • Who to call upon to resolve challenging task
  • What skills are lacking within the team
  • Have a competency growth path for the team members.

Creating a High-Performing Team with agreed behaviours

Are you looking to have a high-performing team with well-defined behaviours?

No matter what size your team is, the more they understand each other’s skills, experience, and values, and ways they like to work, the better they function and deliver the required results.

When I was a team member, I liked to feel valued, have my opinion asked & respected, given an opportunity to learn from others and share my knowledge and experience.