Skills are transferable

Skills are transferable

We all have transferable skills. I love it when a project manager tells me they cannot do the project finances. I ask, are you going on holiday this year? How much can you spend? How much is it going to cost you? How much spending money are you taking? How will you keep track of your spend? How much surplus cash are you taking in case of an emergency? What insurance will you have? How did you select the insurance? Who is taking you to the airport? What time are they collecting you? Who else is going with you?

The point is that all of these questions are the type of questions you would ask yourself as a PM about the project finances – What is your budge? What resources do you need and when? What equipment do you need and when? When will you get the supplier invoices? What contingence are you building into the project finances?

If you budget for things in your private live you can look after the project finances.

If you are looking for a promotion, going for a new job, struggling in your current role, ask yourself what skills are required, what experience is needed. Have a look at what you have achieved your private life. Can any of the skills used be adapted to your work life? If yes, great. If no, what can you do to get the skill, experience?

A lot of people don’t like mixing work with their private lives but actually we do things all the time that can be adapted to the work environment.

If you have run a 5K race, what did you do to get ready to train? What kept you motivated to keep training? Who helped you? How did you reward yourself when you achieved the 5k?
Applying this to work, what will motivate you to get up in the morning and go to work, what do you need to help you get u in the morning and go to work, how will you celebrate having made the effort and gone to work, and possibly even enjoyed it?

Whatever it is you are doing, look at what you have done in the post or in the present in a different category. What skills or methods did you use then? Can you apply them to what you are looking to do today?

Ask yourself:

  • • What skills have I been using in previous and current activities?
  • • What skills do I need to achieve my goal?
  • • Can I adapt any of my t skills for what I require now?

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