Project Delivery can be fun

Have you ever worked on a project that you have really enjoyed? If the answer is yes, excellent. What was it about the project that you enjoyed, was it the team, scope, support?

Some people enjoy working on projects that resonate with them, aligns with their values. These are the best projects as you are working to deliver something that’s has meaning for you and therefore you are more likely to go the extra mile to get the project delivered and be able to articulate what is required and by when. You will also talk more knowledgably and passionately about the project thus engaging key players and getting support, buy-in, when necessary.

Project Delivery and Communicating

Project Delivery and Communicating. Communicating is spelt with a C as it is so important to keep the compunctions on a project regular and accurate.

Too many projects fail due to the right information not being Communicated at the right time in the right format, resulting in important information, escalations, decisions being made.

Some project managers don’t like to highlight an issue, slippage, problem as it may be seen as a sign of weakness. This can lead to even harder questions to answer and conversations to answer.

Struggling with Project Delivery

So, you have tried everything and still the project will not be delivered. The project sponsor is jumping up and down demanding it is sorted, the customer is threatening to remove payment and find another person / organisation to deliver the project. Being the project manager, everyone is looking at You.

Hang on, is it really all about you? No. You may be the face of the project, a presentative of the project, but a well-run project will have a strong, focused team delivering the project.