New Year New Goals New You

The value of having a coach during and after being outplaced

New Year New Goals New YouIt is that time of the year when there are a lot of conversations, blogs, posts referring to the New Year, New Year’s Resolutions, New You.

For many years I used to set new year resolutions and be determine to keep to them. Let’s be honest they were not proper goals. They did not have an end date, they were not measurable, they were not aspiring they were not even specific. Deep down I did want to achieve them but, in a flash, I would break them and then become disillusioned and give up.

Today, I do set goals for myself. They are more achievable, have a date to work towards, success can be measured. I also create a path to achieve them with little check points along the way that can celebrate, be proud I am working towards achieving my goal.

However, I do not set the start date as the 1st January. Nope, I think of them throughout the year, and start them when I am ready, when the desire is really strong. Starting a new goal on the 1st of January is really difficult. You possible have a hangover from seeing the new year in, still have a fridge full of yummy Christmas food, its winter (in the UK), mornings are dark, its cold and potentially wet and windy. Going outside to exercise is not attractive.

There is no magic in the 1st January. It is a date. Whatever goal you want to achieve, think about what you need in order to be able to start it and succeed. Is it nice sunny weather, new cloths or running shoes? Perhaps its to review your CV and LinkedIn profile. By preparing to start your new goal you are actually already working on it. The start date will be when you are ready to dedicate time and energy to understand in more detail what is required to successfully achieve your goal and start those actions.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the goal I really want to achieve?
  • What do I need to be able to start it?
  • When will be the best time to start the goal so I will succeed?

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